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About the Product

Our wide selection of Turkish towels have possibilities that are limited only by your imagination. From yoga studios to a sandy beach, from dining table décor to a cozy throw that warms you by the fire. Varying in sizes, and textures, our certified organic towels provide the ultimate in comfort and beauty for you and your entire family.



The art of hand loom weaving has long been culturally significant in Turkey. Hand looming skills were handed down through the generations in small family run workshops maintaining high standards of craftsmanship and heritage skills. At one time, these family run workshops were a common part of Turkish society.


      Our Turkish products are handcrafted by some of the last of these Turkish artisans. From family workshops in southern Turkey where these unique skills continue to be passed down through the generations, our luxurious products are the product of those heritage skills.


 From certified organic cotton (through the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)) our textiles are produced by an artisans weaving on traditional looms. Each resulting item has its own character and singular look as it is a reflection of its weaver and the individual nature of its creation.